Banker nabbed for stealing deceased customers’ N50 million to buy iPhone 14, Dubai ticket

Banker nabbed for stealing deceased customers’ N50 million to buy iPhone 14, Dubai ticket

Ghanaian Police have detained a 25-year-old bank employee for allegedly stealing N50 million ($1.2 million) from the bank accounts of two customers.

It was claimed that Emmanuel Sakyi Afriyie, a contract worker for one of Ghana’s largest banks, stole money from a judge and a former Inspector General of Police, both of whom are now deceased.

The suspect allegedly transferred some of the money to his own account in another bank, the accounts of his 17 accomplices in various banks, and their mobile money accounts, according to the police.

He’s also charged with utilizing Afriyie allegedly used some of the money to buy a Toyota Camry and an iPhone 14 Pro Max with the intention of smuggling his girlfriend into Dubai in the United Arab Emirates after buying a ticket.

But on June 4, 2023, security personnel responded to intelligence and captured Afriyie at the Kotoka International Airport.

The accused allegedly carried out the fraudulent transactions by covertly filming his employer entering her password into a mobile phone, which he later reviewed to ascertain the password she was using.

Within two months, Afriyie transferred the money from the clients’ accounts.

Some of his collaborators were later detained before being caught, taken before a court, and granted bail.

Along with some of his associates, Afriyie is suspected of a number of crimes, including conspiracy and theft.

His total number of accusations against him now stands at 13, all of which he has denied. He is the only suspect facing new charges of fabricating accounts and forging other papers.

On June 16, 2023, he is anticipated to reappear before a court presided over by Ellen Ofei-Ayeh.

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