Billionaire family” – Nigerian dad in convoy pulls up at daughter’s school during her graduation (Vide

Billionaire family" - Nigerian dad in convoy pulls up at daughter's school during her graduation (Vide

udent who was clearly overjoyed by the surprise went to greet her family, hugging and thanking them for their support.

The video has since gone viral with many people expressing their admiration for the student’s family and their dedication to her education.

The video has been widely praised for its positive message and heartwarming content, with many people saying that it serves as a reminder of the importance of family support.

@Wendy said: “Congratulations dear ur own better mine no one came if actually my Mom was alive I believe that day could have been my greatest and happiest day.”

@Lovergalnickey reacted: “I am definitely pulling up like dis for my kids. I couldn’t get dis treatment but am definitely giving it to my kids.”

@user1562234273695 said: “I am working hard for my children to experience this joy.”

@Sandypearl_interiors reacted: “Let my graduation day choke like this or even more than this,I don’t know how but Gor do it.”

@Tnma said: “Family na the biggest convoy I swear.”

@ikemobasi commented: “Family. Nice.”

See the video below:

[videopress 9Wc3ez7c]

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