Guy get sense” – Man sends N10K airtime and 25GB to fine lady as a way to win her

Guy get sense" - Man sends N10K airtime and 25GB to fine lady as a way to win her

A young man has shared on his wall how his friend sent N10,000 worth of airtime and 25GB data to a fine lady as a way to win her heart.

While sharing the story, the young man disclosed that his rich friend took the lady’s number from her sister’s phone without permission and instantly sent her N10,000 worth of airtime and 25 gigabytes of data.

He said his rich friend immediately called the number of the lady and pretended to have sent the airtime and data to the wrong number.

The lady then apologized and asked how she could refund the airtime and data but the rich friend said the lady could keep it because he loved his golden voice.

He tweeted,

“My Rich Friend took the number of one fine girl in his Sister’s Phone without her consent, he now send a 10k Recharge Card and 25 GB of data to her, he ltr on called the line and claim that he mistakenly send both Card and the Data. The girl said oo sorry yanzu ya zaai kenan?

“He Now said, no problem just leave it I dash it to u, as I hear your Golden Voice she smile and said Nagode Allah Saka Da Alkheri Please Miye Sunan Ka Let me save your number cos of your kindness 😎😁”.

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